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Ministry of culture and art development center in 1996 by the Central Committee of the establishment of the office of the Central Committee for approval of the formal establishment of the Ministry of culture directly under the system of ownership institutions, has an independent legal personality. Under the office, personnel office, finance department and other administrative functions and performances, film and Television Department, the Ministry of art, training, development and other business functions.

The Ministry of culture and Art Development Center for the purpose of the prosperity of literature and art, to serve for the purpose of art, cultural innovation as the key to implement various tasks entrusted by the Ministry of culture: taking service organized by Ministry of culture or society to hold exhibitions, theatrical performances, security work; organize foreign cultural exchange activities; the domestic and foreign literature the performance and project cooperation project implementation matters; service guarantee for the Ministry of culture organized various art awards, all kinds of art meeting; take the film works of art work, project planning, filming, production at home and abroad; the artist's creation of art, painting, study and academic research activities; organize mass culture and entertainment activities; exhibition organization, communication, identification, development, promotion and performance activities held artistic achievement; to carry out professional art Knowledge popularization and art professional training; participate in the rescue, arrangement and protection of art varieties, as well as all kinds of business work related to culture and art.

The Ministry of culture and art development center staff at all levels of management and business creation personnel is the persistent devotion to the art of culture enthusiasm and good cultural and artistic accomplishment, also have organization, planning, organization, implementation and operation of outstanding ability and rich experience. "Complementary advantages, mutual benefit and reciprocity, honesty" is our principle of cooperation, "with the times, to create high-quality, innovative culture" is our pursuit of the goal. We are willing and elite from all walks of life and industry colleagues sincere cooperation, and seek common development, to promote the cause of literature and art of prosperity and innovation to make greater contributions.

Training Department of the Ministry of culture, the Ministry of culture, one of the business department of the development center. The business functions is responsible for personnel of the art Congyi industry continuing education and training; to undertake the implementation of the security work of the Ministry of culture organized various training tasks; held to popularize, promote and improve for the purpose of various art professional skills and knowledge training; organization at home and abroad to pay the stream learning for the purpose of training in various arts activities. Its scope of business to carry out various cultural and artistic management talents and professional people to the training work; carry out of culture and arts professional knowledge popularization and the cultural art professional training; organize and carry out cultural and artistic talents at home and abroad study exchanges, training and seminar activities; to organize various cultural and artistic training, exhibitions and international exchange activities; to carry out all kinds of art professional competitions and Art Award selection activities; for China's cultural undertakings and cultural industries and cultural industries development to build good platform. To carry out the current main business is in the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government established the Ministry of culture and Art Development Center Art Education and training base, the base of professional and sustainable development, to establish authority, guidance, demonstration of art education and training platform.